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What Is The Role Of Industrial Automation Appliance Accessory?

Jun 15, 2017

What is the role of Industrial Automation Appliance Accessory?

In the residential area, shopping malls, commercial housing or high-rise buildings and other places often see Industrial Automation Appliance Accessory, ring network cabinet is a group of high-voltage switchgear, this set of switching equipment is installed in the steel plate or made of assembled metal ring Power supply unit of electrical equipment, then, these Industrial Automation Appliance Accessory in the end what role? Here, let's take a look at it.


Ring switch is a group of high-voltage switchgear installed in the steel plate metal cabinet or made assembled interval ring network power supply unit of high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, the most important core part of the load switch and fuse, with small size, Simple, can improve the power supply parameters, low price and performance and power supply security and many other advantages. It is widely used in urban residential quarters, commercial housing high-rise buildings, public large-scale construction, enterprise factories and other load center distribution stations and box-type substation.


In order to meet the reliability of power supply, so that users can get power from two directions, often the power supply network connected into a ring. This type of power supply is referred to as ring network power supply. In the residential district, industrial and mining enterprises, commodities, ports, commodity housing construction and high-rise buildings such as exchange 10kV power distribution system, because of its load capacity is not large, high pressure circuit is often used load switch or vacuum contactor control, and equipped with high-voltage fuse protection. This system is often used ring-shaped network power supply, the use of high-voltage switchgear called ring network cabinet. Ring network cabinet in addition to the power supply in the distribution, the high-voltage bus through the ring power supply network through the current, so the ring network cabinet high-voltage bus section to be based on the distribution of the load current and the ring through the current both And to make a choice to ensure that the operating high voltage bus does not exceed the load operation.


In short, Industrial Automation Appliance Accessory is mainly to improve the reliability of production electricity, allowing users to get power from two directions, usually used in residential quarters, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings, factories, ports and other exchanges 10KV distribution system And equipped with high-voltage fuses to protect an electrical device.