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What Are The General Effects Of The Rocher Switches?

Oct 20, 2017

What are the general effects of the Rocher Switches?
Rocher Switches, also known as the waveform switch, commonly used as electronic equipment, power switch, the contacts are divided into single-pole single throw and double throw double throw, and some, some switches also with light.
Rocher Switches, its role with all the switches, its role is to take the role of cut off the current. The main circuit, from the AC power input, DC output of the whole process, including inverter, rectifier and filter joystick switch on the role of the control circuit, on the one hand according to the test circuit to provide information, the protection circuit identification, to provide control circuit Machine for a variety of protective measures. On the other hand, the output from the output, compared with the set standard, and then to control the inverter, change its frequency or pulse width, to achieve stable output.
The joystick switch has a protective effect on the current control.
Rocher Switches in household appliances has been widely used. Such as life in the drinking fountains, treadmills, computer speakers, battery cars, motorcycles, ion TV, coffee pots, row plug, massage machines and so can see the shadow of the boat switch.
Rocher Switches, also known as waveform switch, its structure and the same button switch, but the button handle into a ship type. Rocher Switches is often used as an electronic device power switch, the contacts are divided into single-pole single throw and double throw double throw, and some, some switches also with light.
Rocher Switches logo file
The manufacturer shall provide sufficient data to ensure that the switch can be installed and used in the manner specified by the manufacturer. The switch shall have at least the following signs: Manufacturer name or trademark of the manufacturer; Model mark; Type of power supply, rated voltage, rated frequency; other national standard Mandatory requirements. The switch mark shall be marked on its main body and shall not be marked on screws, removable washers or other parts which may be removed during wiring and installation. The logo to be marked should be clear and durable. The technical requirements of the Rocher Switches shall be such that the surface of the switch shall be clean and free from corrosion, burrs, cracks or other mechanical damage. The shape and installation dimensions of the switch should meet the requirements of the design drawings. The solder joints should be welded firmly, no Weld, desoldering, pitting and other defects. The switch is installed and operated in the normal use and should be protected against the live part of the switch when it is in any use position. The inserts shall be capable of withstanding the insertion and removal of the insert and will not cause the indicator light to reach the extent that it meets the requirements. Switch between any pole and the shell, the insulation resistance in the normal should be greater than or equal to 100MΩ. Measure the insulation resistance of about 500V DC voltage applied, measured after the voltage applied 1min.
There is a metal inside the boat switch, the middle of the spring fulcrum, spring displacement and plastic stent aging deformation, the switch is not flexible, you can open the power to open to see if the plastic parts are not damaged, may be able to recover. The internal zero line of the switch is straightforward and has nothing to do with the switch part. Therefore, it is possible to cut the re-wiring of the damaged section by the insulation of the zero line of the switch. The It is also possible that the feet of the indicator light are shorted and rewired.
Rocher Switches, electronic switch socket copper parts, is to ensure that the current smooth, reduce the key components of heat.
Copper thick, to enhance the current through the ability to reduce the resistance of copper pieces of their own; toughness, especially applied to the socket socket part, Rocher Switches not easy to deformation. Even if the socket long-term use, but also to maintain the appropriate clamping force to ensure that the plug and plug tightly connected to reduce the arc; anti-oxidation, no rust, reduce corrosion caused by corrosion increases and heat problems; less riveting, The overall piece of copper pieces, Rocher Switches to further reduce the riveting part of the fracture and rivets fever.
Excellent quality of the electronic switching power outlets are the use of high-quality copper, and anti-oxidation, toughness, copper thick, Rocher Switches less riveting is the quality of copper pieces of the four major indicators