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Waterproof Switches Power Supply Into LED Application Must Match

Aug 09, 2017

Waterproof Switches power supply into LED application must match
LED industry pattern initially set, a good market prospects and national policy support, making the LED market presents a boom. In recent years, many manufacturers to seize this opportunity to focus on LED-related accessories R & D and production, efficient and environmentally friendly LED applications will also drive the rapid rise of the relevant industry chain.
In order to understand the status of LED accessories industry, the reporter visited the Zhuhai Jinxing Technology Co., Ltd., Jinxing Technology was established in 1998, is the first batch of professional engaged in Waterproof Switchesing power supply R & D and production research base, the first to create a domestic LED dedicated Waterproof Switchesing power supply Field, in the LED application products have a leading position. According to Mr. Wang Zhentao, director of marketing center, Jinxing Technology is currently developing a new generation of Waterproof Switchesing power supply, small size, high efficiency, effectively solve the difficult problem of heat, cost-effective, widely used in outdoor landscape, stage, construction and other fields, At the same time, Jinxing technology to increase R & D investment, in response to national energy conservation and environmental protection requirements, and actively study the indoor LED lighting power supply, is expected to be available in 2013 to promote. Waterproof Switchesing power supply products distribution to all parts of the country, multinational sales accounted for the company's total annual sales of 1/2, Jinxing technology more than 10 years of accumulated accumulated strong technical experience, many domestic and foreign manufacturers of LED Waterproof Switches power supply special suppliers.
As the LED essential Waterproof Switchesing power supply output base, Taiwan-sheng Electronics Co., Ltd. in the field of Waterproof Switches has long occupied a place for the future development, business executives said, focus on opening up overseas markets, build national brands, on behalf of the Chinese brand to the world, Is the future development of the most important; in the country and the government's strong support, energy conservation and environmental protection enjoys popular support.
Waterproof Switches is mainly divided into waterproof type switch, waterproof button switch, etc. Our professional production of waterproof ship switch, waterproof button switch to many IP65, IP67 level, I was one of Taiwan's largest switch manufacturers, specializing in switch production 25 years of history, in the industry have a higher reputation, with a number of large small household electrical appliance manufacturers have long years of cooperation. The following is a specific description of some of the waterproof level of knowledge, please consult.
Protection switch level IP68, IP67, IP65 and so on, IP is the mark letter, the number 6 is the first mark number, 8 is the second mark the number of the first mark that the contact protection and foreign protection level, the second mark that waterproof Protection level.
At present, the market of Waterproof Switcheses, a wide range of outlets, to provide consumers with a great choice of space. The main criteria for the waterproof performance of these products are IP waterproof rating. In general, the higher the two digits behind IP, the higher the water level, the highest level of IP68. The PYCA dustproof and waterproof series switch products are designed for the wet and water environment, and its waterproof rating up to IP67, to ensure that the family provides 24 hours of comprehensive protection, to prevent any drop of water infiltration. PYCA series Waterproof Switches and waterproof socket box with bullet-proof plastic (PC) cover or secondary injection molding cover, not only durable, and easy to install. Two products break through the traditional, are used transparent, streamlined design, to meet the different home improvement style, in the details of the decorate the home space. In particular, it is worth mentioning that, PYCA Waterproof Switches also ingenuity with a bayonet and padlock design, from the details to enhance the product safety protection level, so that family use more secure, rest assured.