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Waterproof Switch To Determine The Standard

May 27, 2017

 Waterproof Switches Waterproof switch to determine the standard waterproof switch is the name of the switch can be wet hands. So to a lot of home users in the bathroom and kitchen and other places where the humid can be safe to bring a lot of security.

  At present, the type of waterproof switch on the market is still more. General mechanical switch words. Is to add a waterproof cover outside the switch. This greatly enhances security. But it is not very easy to operate.

  Like a real sense can be wet hand to operate the switch. The market is still relatively small: the market, the waterproof switch to do better: Yi Lai Chong Arcolectric, Siemens Siemens, Merlin Gerin Merlin Gerin and other brands.

  Judgment criteria

  First, IP waterproof standards

  Waterproof Switches For waterproof switch waterproof performance of the main assessment criteria is based on ip waterproof rating standards. Look at the waterproof performance of the waterproof switch, mainly to see the two digits after the IPXX XX, the first X is from 0 to 6, the highest level of 6; the first two X from 0 to 8, the highest level of 8; so waterproof switch The maximum waterproof rating is IP68.

  Second, the certification is complete

  ROHS certification, SGS certification; and has VDE / DEMKO / KEMA (now using the European Union ENEC), UL / CSA certification. These are high quality waterproof switch certification requirements. If it is necessary to export overseas.

  Third, other criteria

  Waterproof switch design is reasonable, long life, high temperature, high current impact, to your specific needs of the product, which should be considered.


  For the specific application of these waterproof switches, subject to a number of factors, such as: installation methods and product installation direction, air flow, the role of the product pressure, the strength of the fluid rebound and the working voltage; Even with the excellent sealing performance of the Arcolectric waterproof switch, the sealing technology reaches the leading level and also means that the switch is completely sealed and also requires the ingress of corrosive gases or substances.

  Hospital waterproof switch

  1, by the alarm indicator, alarm / release key, pull rope and other components

  2, for the hospital intercom system, the general installation in the ward of the bathroom, to prevent the patient into the bathroom emergency alarm. Wall-mounted, unique waterproof design, can prevent the water between the water droplets and water mist, to ensure that the switch in a humid environment to work properly.

  3, to be used with the hospital intercom host (NBW host), the bathroom emergency alarm, the host will have a voice prompt, display the call switch status information, while the switch will have alarm prompts; switch in the alarm state, the switch on The indicator light will be on and the indicator light will go off. The nurse station has received the alarm signal.

  4, there are cable, press the two alarm mode.

  5, each waterproof switch has its own code, encoding using soft coding, can be arbitrarily set the code number.

  6, can be connected to three-color door lights, when the waterproof switch alarm, can trigger three-color door lights flashing.