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The Use And Precautions Of The Hospital Ferrite Waterproof Switches

Jul 18, 2017

The use and precautions of the hospital Ferrite Waterproof Switches

The water - proof switch is the name of the switch that can be operated by wet hand. This can bring a lot of security to a lot of users in the bathroom and kitchen. At present, the type of Ferrite Waterproof Switches on the market is much more. The general mechanical switch. A waterproof cover is added to the switch. This also significantly enhances security. But it's not very convenient.

1. Made up of alarm indicator lamp, alarm/disbonding, pull rope, etc

When used in hospital intercom system, it is usually installed in the toilet of the ward, in case the patient is admitted to the toilet for emergency. Wall mounted installation, unique waterproof design, waterproof water and water mist, ensure that the switch can work under wet conditions.

3. It is necessary to cooperate with the hospital to talk to the host (NBW host). When the bathroom is in emergency alarm, there will be a speech prompt on the main engine, displaying the status information of the incoming switch, and the switch will have alarm sound. When the switch is in the alarm state, the indicator light on the switch will always be bright, and the indicator light is out indicating that the nurse station has received the alarm signal.

4. There are two kinds of alarm modes, such as drawing and pressing.

5, each Ferrite Waterproof Switches has its own code, the encoding adopts soft encoding method, can arbitrarily set the code number.

6. Can connect three color door lamp, when Ferrite Waterproof Switches alarm, can trigger tricolor door lamp to shine.

For the specific application of the Ferrite Waterproof Switches, restricted by many factors, such as: installation method and the function of the product installation direction, air flow, differential pressure, fluid on the product the strength of the rebound and the working voltage; And so on. Even if the sealing performance is excellent for the Arcolectric Ferrite Waterproof Switches, its sealing technology reaches the lead level, which also means that the switch is completely sealed and needs to prevent corrosive gases or material intrusions.

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