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The Use And Maintenance Of The Blower Switch

May 27, 2017

Hair Dryer Switches The use of hair dryer switch and maintenance of the hair dryer switch is a good helper to create a hairstyle, but while enjoying the convenience, should also pay attention to the maintenance of the hair dryer switch. The correct use and proper maintenance to extend the life of the hair dryer switch, the following Xiaobian we give you about the use and maintenance of hair dryer switch Note:

  1, when you first use the power, and then start the switch, so as to avoid the impact of instantaneous current burned electric components.

  2, the switch switch switch rocker, push rod, button and other three, generally "hot", "cold", "stop" three stalls. For easy identification, it is usually expressed in three different colors. For example, white means "stop", red means to send "hot air", blue said to send "cold". When used, you can choose according to need. If there is a motor speed switch, temperature control knob and other devices, you can start from the small air volume, low temperature began to gradually upgrade. Some of the blower switch housing the rear or side of the box can be equipped with a circular fan, you can adjust the air volume and temperature, but do not turn the inlet too small, so as not to damage the motor and heating elements.

  3, the use of hair dryer switch "six bogey"

  A bogey water to get wet hair dryer switch. After shampooing, be sure to use a towel to dry hands, and then use the hair dryer switch;

  Two bogey in the bathroom and so on too wet place to use the hair dryer switch;

  Three bogey children to use the hair dryer switch, so as not to cause undue accidents;

  Four bogey hot outlet against flammable items, so as not to cause a fire;

  Five bogey to the string excited hair dryer switch refueling, so commutator and brush stained with lubricants.

  After using the blower switch, do not turn the switch, push the button back to stop or do not unplug the power plug.

  4, Hair Dryer Switches the hair dryer switch and the human body is in direct contact with the electrical, before use, especially long-term placement of the hair dryer switch, you should use a test pen to check whether the shell leakage. When checking, select the switch to go to the hot air stitch, so that the motor and all the electric wire are working: then try to touch the metal part of the test pen. If the test pen has dark red light, it may be caused by the exchange of induction. At this time, you can use the fingers quickly touch the shell, if no hemp feel, indicating good electrical insulation performance.

  5, hair dryer switch continuous use of time is generally not more than 1h, to continue to use, should be cooled and then used.

  6, hair dryer switch in the porcelain and the motor should not be subject to strong vibration, in use to gently.

  7, in the course of the process, if suddenly found the motor stopped, no hot air, noise increases, smoke, coke and other abnormal circumstances, should immediately cut off the power, for maintenance.

  8, after use, should turn off the various switches, and then unplug the power plug, until the hair dryer switch naturally cooled, into the box, into the dry clean collection.

  9, hair dryer switch should be regularly maintenance, every six months to give a small amount of motor bearings into the oil. Check the power cord for damage, the wiring is loose everywhere, the motor contacts, heating element connection whether there is the phenomenon of touch the shell.

  10, a brush and commutator hair dryer switch should be regularly (such as six months) to check the degree of wear of the brush, if necessary, need to replace the brush, while cleaning the comminator with anhydrous alcohol to prevent the accumulation of toner caused by short circuit The