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The Role Of Waterproof Switches

Jun 22, 2017

The role of Waterproof Switches

Waterproof Switches is the most used in high-voltage switch electrical appliances, as the name suggests, is isolated from the circuit itself, its own working principle and structure is relatively simple, but due to the use of large, high reliability requirements, the substation , The design of the power plant, the establishment and safe operation of the impact are larger. The main features of the knife is no arc suppression capability, only in the absence of load current in the case of sub-combined circuit.

Waterproof Switches that is in the sub-position, the contact between the requirements of the insulation distance and clear off the mark; in the joint position, can carry the normal circuit conditions and the current conditions within the specified time conditions (such as short circuit) Of the current switching device.

Relative to the knife switch, Waterproof Switches or there is a certain degree of superiority, there is not enough single page, so now gradually replaced by automatic air switch lock. Domestic use of the complexity of the occasion, the complete replacement of serious difficulties, so the current use is still quite extensive, the current main Waterproof Switches is mainly reflected in two aspects:

1, isolated power supply, to ensure safety

The main purpose of the Waterproof Switches is to ensure the safety of the maintenance work. Between the parts to be repaired and the other live parts, a sufficiently visible air insulation interval is formed with a Waterproof Switches. Waterproof Switches fracture in any state can not occur spark discharge, so its fracture pressure is generally higher than the ground insulation voltage 10% to 15%. If necessary, should be attached to the Waterproof Switches grounding knife for grounding when used for maintenance.

2, switching operation

Use a Waterproof Switches to switch electrical equipment or lines from one bus to another.

The sequence of operation between the circuit breaker and the Waterproof Switches

(In the equipotential state, the Waterproof Switches can also be operated separately), the operation sequence between the circuit breaker and the Waterproof Switches must be strictly observed, and must not be carried with a load pull switch (ie, the Waterproof Switches ), Otherwise it will cause misuse, resulting in an arc and cause serious consequences.

Waterproof Switches is mainly used to high-voltage power distribution devices need to power off part of the live part of the reliable isolation to ensure the safety of maintenance work. Waterproof Switches contacts all exposed in the air, with a clear point off, Waterproof Switches without arc extinguishing device, it can not be used to cut off the load current or short circuit current, or under high pressure, the break point will produce a strong arc , And it is difficult to self-extinguish, and may even cause arcing (relative or interphase short circuit), burning equipment, endangering personal safety, which is the so-called "with a load pull Waterproof Switches" serious accident. The Waterproof Switches can also be used to switch some of the circuits to change the way the system is operating. For example, in a double bus circuit, you can use a Waterproof Switches to switch the running circuit from one bus to another. At the same time, can also be used to operate some small current circuit.