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The Rocher Switches Is Used Correctly In The Car Child Lock

Aug 09, 2017

The Rocher Switches is used correctly in the car child lock
Large public welfare activities, "Hongtong car care action" officially launched in the first quarter! Do you know the children take a private car what security points? What inadvertent behavior will make the child at risk? What are the recent children's safety issues that give us what? Today, Hong Tong car with you to pay attention to the correct use of car children's safety lock, with action to protect our children.
The car child safety lock is a function that is designed to prevent children from accidentally opening the door in the vehicle causing damage to the child. The general child lock is in the two back door, Rocher Switches when the child lock function is open, that is, in the back door lock block, or lock the outside of a small device. The back door of the vehicle is not open inside, but it can be opened outside, when the child lock function is closed, inside and outside can open the vehicle. This function is particularly necessary when the vehicle is traveling at high speed. If the children accidentally open the door, the consequences could be disastrous, and now the car generally have this function.
Some owners feel that as long as the car lock before the lock or set the drive automatically locked to ensure that the child in the back of the security. But because the central lock can be unlocked by the car unlock the Rocher Switches, and thus locked on the lock does not mean foolproof.
For children who have no children, the child safety lock is a dispensable and often overlooked vehicle configuration; and for children with the owner, the child safety lock is an important guarantee for the child's life. Many parents often let the children sit in the front seat of the child security lock is not configured, or the rear seat security lock is not enabled, which will cause serious harm to children, so parents should do for the car safety measures, the correct use Safety lock to prevent accidents.
For the safety of children, parents should lock the two back door child safety lock. Lock the child safety lock, no matter how the child in the back how to toss from the car can not open the door. The child's safety is guaranteed, parents can also be more peace of mind to focus on driving the car.
At present, almost all vehicles are equipped with a child lock device, so the owner of the children placed in the back row, you must remember the child safety lock, driving on the way have time to check the car lock is locked, Anti-back children inadvertently opened the door into a tragedy. Get off the link, Hong Tong car to remind you, absolutely can not save the step is to personally get off for the children to open the door, to avoid the child in the car with the front and rear of the vehicle should not have some security incidents.
Child safety lock in two forms, the common child safety lock Rocher Switches in two forms, one is the knob type, one is toggle type). Since the knob-type child safety lock requires the use of a key (or key-like object) inserted into the corresponding hole in order to turn the Rocher Switches to lock and unlock operation. In contrast, the toggle child safety lock is more convenient to use。
 Rocher Switches power supply with a linear power unparalleled many advantages: small size, light weight, high efficiency, etc., but the Rocher Switches power supply will produce electromagnetic interference, especially in the high-power class Rocher Switches power supply interference is more serious. This is due to the presence of rectifier harmonics, Rocher Switches frequency and its harmonics, and high-speed current and voltage transients inherent in Rocher Switches. Generating electromagnetic interference is determined by the characteristics of the rocker switch power supply itself is difficult to avoid, the key is how to take effective measures to reduce the degree of interference.