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The Rocher Switches Is Important In The Water Dispenser

Jul 18, 2017

The Rocher Switches is important in the water dispenser

Water dispenser in the family now make water convenient, cold heat, can drink at any time, so, in every family now not to have one or more water dispenser, and the water machine is in running, at any time to provide hot and cold water to the family. However, few people would care to the safety of the water dispenser, an unsafe water machine is like a ticking time ignition device, look this is sensational news, then we will come and see.

First, start with the thermal function of the water cooler. Why? Because the part that is normally refrigerated does not produce heat, that is, very few opportunities cause trouble. Began a open when water machine, heating system is running, at this point, the heating device in the situation of power supply is connected to heating, hot water when the temperature reached a point when water boils, generally is about 98 ℃, the Rocher Switches temperature to the temperature, began to disconnect power to the heating device, stop heating, the water temperature by heating up until gradually cooling, cooling when the temperature of the heat inside the bucket of water losing, feeling the Rocher Switches, lower temperature because of the function of the water cooler is to supply hot water 24 hours for us, so when the water temperature down to 75 ℃ above, Rocher Switches, power supply is connected to the heating device to work again, so 24 hours a day, 24 hours or not, don't stand on the back and forth, disconnected, connect, disconnect, Rocher Switches on and off times of the day there will be dozens of times.

Secondly, from the structure of the water dispenser to see, the water cooler on market compared commonly simple, consisting of several major parts shell, hot water, cold water barrel, heating equipment, refrigeration equipment, display circuit and other parts. Water dispenser hot water is provided by the hot water and heating device, the cold water is composed of cooling device and cold water barrel, and a main control unit is the Rocher Switches, whether it's hot or cold water, from room temperature is controlled by a Rocher Switches limit temperature. As a result, the joystick switch has become a very critical major original and security protection original.

Finally, it is a crucial thing, mentioned above the number of Rocher Switches action one day there will be dozens of times and even hundreds of times, this is related to the environment temperature, so the Rocher Switches broken, pass, pass, to break the cycle.

So if a Rocher Switches on the poor quality water dispenser, there will be what kind of situation, 1 Rocher Switches, temperature of short of water boiling temperature will cut off power supply, we don't open water to drink, it doesn't matter, most labradors belly belly. 2, Rocher Switches has been broken, not connected to the power supply, heating device heating, not so lucky, because just don't drink hot water, and 3, Rocher Switches has been switched on, heating device heating, trouble, when the heating device heating nonstop, can make the inner barrel is very hot, who first evaporate the barrel, and began to burn plastic shell, then disaster began.

So, the main part of a water fountain, don't be greedy and cheap, the Rocher Switches is good, avoid unnecessary things happening.

Pay attention to the highest water level: water injection should not exceed the maximum water level, so as not to overflow the pot when the liquid boils. Water injection should not be too small, otherwise it will soon dry up, especially the whistle type electric kettle. At least, the water will be immersed in the heat pipe more than 20mm, otherwise the electric tube will be easily exposed to the air and burn out. Also be careful not to switch on the power before filling water, otherwise it is easy to burn the heater or cause a dangerous accident.

Prevent drying: should be taken care of when using electric kettle, avoid dry burning. If unattended, after boiling water, it is necessary to finite temperature thermostat Rocher Switches, infinite warm pot of horns, will continue to dry up the water, and is equipped with automatic reset temperature control Rocher Switches electric kettle, due to the repeated heating will dry up the water, and if the Rocher Switches, thermostat function of overtemperature protection and failure, can cause fire accidents.

Can not soak: when cleaning, the automatic electric kettle can not be immersed in water or water spray to avoid the insulation caused by moisture, causing failure and leakage.

National household appliances quality supervision and inspection center of electrothermal apparatus laboratory experts believe that industry low barriers to entry, scale enterprises, cottage enterprises poor quality consciousness is the most direct cause of the poor quality of the electric kettle. "To standardize the market for electric kettle, protect consumer rights, our country the electric kettle performance requirements and test methods of safety standards have started in May this year and hope that customers choose carefully, to assist the national complete purification of electric kettle market as soon as possible."