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The Push Button Switches Causes A Fire

Jun 30, 2017

The Push Button Switches causes a fire
The average family in the decoration will be buried when the wire wall. However, the use of long-term use of the wire will lead to the appearance of rubber aging, wire buried wall pay attention to the use of peace for the beautiful room. And the high current through the repeated heating, as well as cement wall moisture for a long time, will accelerate the aging of the wire foreskin. In the event of a short circuit, will burn the electrical, may also need to re-replace the entire building of all the wires. Therefore, the wire buried should be used better quality, larger diameter wire, and in the wire and then put on a protective effect of the casing, to ensure safe use.
Easily lead to fire. Improper push Push Button Switches, home temperature switches, plugs, sockets used improperly or using shoddy products. In particular, the switch is installed on the combustible body, the wire leads to the sheath is scratched, so that the core exposed or water vapor infiltration, resulting in short circuit, or switch off when the arc caused by fire; household use of combustible gas due to pipeline or valve leakage So that combustible gas and air mixture to reach the explosion limit, open, close no arc device electrical switch, it will cause a fire or explosion;
Exposed local short circuit; too short, flat mouth or screw mouth lamp holder or multi-eye socket with the wire end of the insulation stripping. Too long. Conductor contact is poor, the contact resistance is too large, overheating caused by the fire; socket with a smaller power line cross section and the use of power is too large, resulting in wire heating fire; socket is combustible or dust caused by short circuit, In the flammable and explosive dangerous place, insert or unplug the plug when the spark caused the explosion of fire; plug damage is not timely replacement, with a bare wire instead of plug use, resulting in short circuit or spark, causing combustible fire;
The switch strikes the bed frame or the walls to break the outer insulation layer, and some bedside switches are released after use. The working voltage and operating current of the lampholder are not consistent with the power used by the socket. Temporary overload, if the temperature is too high will cause the fire; the lamp holder is twisted and the wire is twisted together. Exposed wire too much, after the spread of the other end caused by short-circuit fire; distribution board not into the box, the safety wire will be hot when the hot metal particles splashed, so that the following combustible material caused by burning.
There are three kinds of Push Button Switches method: the first is based on the control object classification, divided into electricity to warm the warm water to the temperature controller, electric heating device temperature control object for the heating cable, electric film.
Water temperature control device is the control object for the control of the waterway valve switch temperature controller, the output 3A according to the temperature element classification, mechanical temperature control, electronic thermostat, digital electrical temperature controller.
According to the control method classification, divided into room temperature control, temperature control device, double temperature control. Functional safety requirements The first is mandatory, that is, electricity to warm the use of the temperature controller must have a temperature control function and temperature limiting protection.
The second is to warm the temperature of the thermostat and temperature limiter of the maximum set temperature should not be greater than 50 and 60 water to warm the thermostat should have antifreeze protection, antifreeze push switch 5 degrees, frost protection temperature control Switch deviation less than or equal to 2k fourth is the power data saving function. The fifth is the timing function, including the timer switch and time programming. The sixth is the key lock function, can not modify the data after locking. The seventh is the sensor abnormal treatment, when the temperature controller, temperature limiter, the sensor can not be normal temperature measurement, should stop the output heating signal, when the normal return to work. The eighth is to output the heating signal, must have a heating warning.