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The Formation And Extinguishment Of The Arc In The Push Button Switches

Jun 15, 2017

The formation and extinguishment of the arc in the Push Button Switches

The arc is a widespread gas discharge phenomenon when the Push Button Switches is turned on or off the circuit, which poses a serious threat to the safety of the Push Button Switches and the power system, so that the characteristics of the arc in the Push Button Switches are analyzed before the Push Button Switches is described.

When the current is greater than 8O - 100m4, the contact NJ will produce solitary soldering. If the voltage is greater than 10-20V. IL04. Although the contacts are separated, the current in the circuit is still in circulation. Only the arc is extinguished, the circuit is really off if the arc is able to form a conductive channel because the arc arc appears in the human basin free electrons.

During the separation of the contacts, the urinary force and the contact surface of the static and dynamic contact are reduced and the contact electric limit is rapidly increased, and the degree of penetration at the contact is increased abruptly. Out of metal surface. This kind of force generated from the mountain electrons is called hot electron emission. When the contacts are separated. The contact spacing is very small, in the role of the voltage, the contact between the strong electric field strength (3X10`Wm above.) The cathode surface of the electrons will be pulled out by the electric field to form the contact gap from the mountain electrons. This way of producing free electrons is called strong electric field emission. The hot electron emission and the strong electric field emission are collectively referred to as the cathodic electric r emission, which is the cause of the arc formation. The electrons emitted from the surface of the cathode and the gap of the electrons in the contact gap are moving in the direction of the anode. When these free electrons are sufficiently strong, they collide with the neutral particles in the contact point. The electrons in the neutral particle are stripped out of the free ions and the new free electrons. The free electrons neutralize the neutral point so that it splits into positive ions and free electrons is called the silicon twist free. The original free electrons and newly generated free power plants are accelerating in the process of moving to the anode, possibly again with neutral If the self kinetic energy is sufficient, the magnetic motion will occur. Collision free buildup effect causes the gap to be filled with free electrons and IF ions, forming a definite electron channel between the movable and dynamic contacts, and the dielectric gap is punctured. The current drastically increases with light and thermal effects to form an arc. Pleasure is the main factor of the formation of the arc.

After the arc is formed. Arc of the 11 degrees is very high, the arc column in the irregular mass of hot spots intensified, with sufficient kinetic energy and k-phase, free of electrons and positive ions caused by thermal movement caused by the free phenomenon known as heat free. After the formation of high arc arc, conductivity is very large, the electric field strength is very low, the maintenance and development of the arc is to rely on heat to maintain the free.

In the arc production process, there are actually free and free. The process of ionizing cattle is called free.

The process of disappearance of charged ions is called to be free. There are two forms of diffusion and recombination. Diffusion is the phenomenon that the charged potential r escapes from the inside of the arc into the perimeter medium. Composite is the combination of positive ions and negative ions, and the process of combining them with each other.

Free and free away is the arc of the two processes in the process of the two, the dynamic balance of these two processes will make the arc pepper will certainly burn. If the free process is greater than the free process, the arc will be more intense to burn, if you go too far away from the free process, arc burning weakened until the final extinguished. Push the switch in the arc of the arc is not extinguished, mainly depends on the arc column area of the medium free and to the speed of dissociation.