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Rocher Switches In The Water Dispenser Important Position

Sep 11, 2017

Rocher Switches in the water dispenser important position
      Drinking fountains in the current family so that drinking water becomes convenient, cold and hot, ready to drink, so now in every family can not help but have one or more drinking fountains, and these water dispensers are in Run, at any time to the family to provide hot and cold water. However, few people will be concerned about the safety of drinking fountains, an unsafe drinking fountains like a regular fire device, it seems that this is a sensational news, then we come to see it.
First of all, from the drinking fountains heating function, why? Because the general part of the cooling is not high temperature, that is, little chance to cause trouble. When the water dispenser starts to open, the heating system is open to run, this time, the heating device in the case of power supply to keep heating the hot tub, when the water will reach a temperature boiling point, usually about 98 ℃ , This is the Rocher Switches temperature to this temperature, began to disconnect, to the heating device power, to stop heating, this time the temperature from the temperature has been gradually began to cool down, when the hot water inside the hot tub gradually lost temperature Cooling, the Rocher Switches felt the temperature drop, because the function of drinking fountains is to 24 hours to us to supply hot water, then when the water temperature dropped to 75 ℃ or more when the Rocher Switches connected to power, So that the heating device to work again, such a day 24 hours, or no 24 hours it, not quite back and forth connected, disconnected, connected, broken, one day Rocher Switches on and off the number of times Dozens of times.
Second, from the structure of the water dispenser, the general market of drinking fountains is relatively simple, composed of several major components shell, hot water barrels, cold buckets, heating devices, refrigeration devices, display circuits and other sub-components. The hot water of the dispenser is provided by the hot water bucket and the heating device, the cold water is composed of the cooling device and the cold water bucket, and the main control part is the Rocher Switches, whether hot water or cold water, Switch control limits the temperature. So, the joystick switch becomes a very important main original and security original.
Finally, this is a key thing, the above mentioned one day the number of joystick switch action will be dozens or even hundreds of times, this is the relationship with the ambient temperature, so the Rocher Switches week and then off Pass through
Then if a poor quality Rocher Switches on the inside of the dispenser, what will happen, 1, Rocher Switches temperature reaches the boiling water temperature to cut off the power, we drink no open water, it does not matter, Most pull up belly. 2, the Rocher Switches has been disconnected, not connected to the power supply, heating device is not heated, so lucky, because only drink hot water, 3, Rocher Switches has been connected, heating device non-stop heating, trouble , When the heating device is not quite the time of heating, it will make the barrel is very hot, first evaporate the barrel of who, then began to burn plastic shell, and then start the disaster.
So, the main parts of a water dispenser, do not greedy small cheap, Rocher Switches or use good, to avoid unnecessary things happen.
Electric kettle use and maintenance, Rocher Switches is very important
Select the socket: the kettle of the plug is usually with a grounding pole, should be connected with the socket with a grounding socket. When used, the power plug should be fully inserted into the socket. Always keep the electric kettle of the power plug, socket, power cord and joystick switch, temperature switch, thermostat, etc. dry and clean.
Now the solar water heater in China's family widely used, then the outdoor temperature in the northern region is low, such as the northeast in the outdoor low temperature may reach minus 20 degrees, this temperature in the outdoor solar energy will be frozen caused by solar panels Frozen rupture, you need to Rocher Switches to its low temperature protection.