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Rocher Switches Are Often Open And Normally Closed How To Connect

Oct 11, 2017

In the button is not allowed to use a multimeter to measure, pass, press the button nowhere that is often closed, nowhere, press the button that is often open point.
Rocher Switches often open normally because some occasions need to use normally open contacts, and some occasions need to use normally closed contacts, such as the use of buttons to start with normally open, stop button to use normally closed, in order to be universal, Rocher Switches usually with regular Open and normally closed the two contacts (constitute a normally open contact, a normally closed contact), it and our lighting panel switch, the difference is that the button a loose contact to reply to the situation when not pressed Stick the button). Button can not afford maintenance.
   Lighting panel switch is a circuit breaker, from the load maintenance, short circuit maintenance effect, after closing, if there is no fault situation, has always adhered to the closed state, unless people put it open.
Rocher Switches choose the reasons for the closure:
1. From the time of the Rocher Switches action
The normally closed contact is much shorter than the normally open contact from the natural condition to the closed time. Perhaps you want to say, how much less how much? Such a short time does not matter. But I would like to say that this is particularly important when the risk appetite is urgent.
At this time, then a short time, even if the millisecond and even microsecond time is also very important. In such a short time, you may not use the normally open contact to stop or disengage the machine from Rocher Switches, creating serious machine damage or personal injury. But the use of normally closed contact may have the machine to stop or make people instantaneous short time to prevent all this attack.
2. From the button organization
Emergency stop Rocher Switches whether it is normally closed or normally open contact, will not play in place (according to the case), will bounce from the beginning, so that the action to effect. When using the normally open contact, when the emergency stop button is not in place, the emergency stop is not to achieve any effect (due to open contact is not closed); and the use of normally closed contact is not the same, regardless of emergency stop Rocher Switches does not press in place, only by contact action, emergency stop on the effect.
3. From its control line
Needless to say, the most basic effect of emergency stop Rocher Switches is the urgent parking in a tight situation, to prevent mechanical trouble or personal incidents. However, because the machine's long-term operation, the line, especially the emergency stop line some, there may be faulty road.
At this time, if the emergency stop Rocher Switches use normally open contacts, emergency stop some of the line problems will not be found, if the time with the emergency stop Rocher Switches and then found it was late. And with the normally closed contact, when the emergency stop some of the line problems, most of the machine will form the parking, the loss will be relatively small.
At home, regardless of the corner, large to the whole space, small to the home of Rocher Switches, I learned that many families are now using Rocher Switches, like home computer speakers, coffee machines, dishwashers, etc., in the room or living room All the small appliances will be used. In the future market will bring more business opportunities, whether in the family, or on a large vessel, will use Rocher Switches.
Rocher Switches consists of buttons, cover and switch modules, and its advantages are small size, many types, more features, the use of beauty at home, that is, to bring convenience to the home and other advantages. Can be used in many places, industry and home in the field of electrical and other very convenient to use.
It is learned that the author now has the presence of Rocher Switches, more attention by many users, Rocher Switches can control multiple lights or electrical appliances. Rocher Switches can be divided into two kinds of installation and concealed, the use of safe and reliable, is now the switch to upgrade the product, favored by consumers, Rocher Switches has a good development prospects.