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Rainy Day Please Use The Waterproof With A Waterproof Switches

Sep 11, 2017

Rainy day please use the waterproof with a Waterproof Switches
Summer is coming, summer is a season of more rain. Rain in the southern region of China accounted for the vast majority of summer time. Rainy day steam and more, but can not avoid contact with electrical appliances. From the phone, toys, remote control, to a variety of electrical equipment with power switch. (Such as mobile phones, remote control, etc.), some control low-voltage non-safety circuits (such as large mobile power, industrial power, home power, TV power supply), some of the electronic appliances will be set up a Waterproof Switches, some waterproof button, some control low-voltage security circuits (such as mobile phones, remote control, etc.) , Computer power, zebra crossing, etc.) These appliances are usually must be installed waterproof button to control the circuit. As we all know, regular manufacturers produced waterproof buttons are in full compliance with national standards or industry standards, and its waterproof performance is beyond doubt, like the supply of PB12 series waterproof button, PBM12 metal waterproof explosion-proof buttons are fine grade Waterproof Switches. Some sections of the waterproof performance and beyond the IP67 \ IP68 waterproof rating.
 But the market also has some shoddy waterproof button, this open it, usually from the appearance is difficult to distinguish the authenticity, because the specifications are consistent, the material is basically similar, but the price is quite low. This sub-quality waterproof button can not be a long time effective waterproof, some sub-quality waterproof button simply can not prevent the water. This type of sub-quality waterproof button if used in the electrical above. Rainy days If you have rain or water vapor in contact with these appliances, or to touch these Waterproof Switches button, the possibility of electric shock must be yes. But usually the electric current is relatively small, it is generally difficult to cause electric shock accident, he is difficult to perceive, but their own health and physical harm to the city inevitable. So rainy days with caution with waterproof button electrical appliances. Of course, caution, not without. Please believe that the majority of electrical manufacturers, and manufacturers like the same Waterproof Switches manufacturers are conscience, they produced electrical or Waterproof Switches are qualified, excellent, safe.
Waterproof switch is widely used in electronic toys, household appliances, medical equipment, communications equipment and other fields. For the Waterproof Switches, we are most concerned about is its life and feel. Touch for many of the many Waterproof Switches manufacturers to do it to do its life is very simple is the use of imported stainless steel shrapnel. Someone will start the problem, and Waterproof Switches to do so is not very simple, in fact, this is only the advantage of the division. Imported shrapnel also has a variety of Waterproof Switches manufacturers in the use of imported shrapnel is the most critical part of the time, imports of shrapnel are also divided into many kinds of simple is that there are high-end there are ordinary. Many customers will be at this time by the Waterproof Switches manufacturers flicker to South Korea's imports of shrapnel is Japan's imports of shrapnel, the use of it is the same. But is that really the case? Non-also, imported shrapnel is also a life can choose, such as 5W life, 8W times life, 10W life. As a Waterproof Switches manufacturer's industry giants, Waterproof Switches what is the use of shrapnel it? Electronic shrapnel is used in Japan imported ternary shrapnel, ternary shrapnel is the world's first shrapnel. Life can be done 10W-500W times. Waterproof life of the switch can do it? Not the case, the quality and life to be sure is a prerequisite, feel is to seize the customer's heart. Today we say how we want to seize the customer's heart. As a Waterproof Switches manufacturer and the use of the customer we all know the Waterproof Switches has a lot of efforts Waterproof switch The two most commonly used strength is 1.6N and 2.5N, the intensity is there is error is generally positive and negative 0.3N. Negative tolerance is the most important factor affecting the feel.