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Problems And Development Trend Of Hair Dryer Switches Market

Aug 09, 2017

Problems and Development Trend of Hair Dryer Switches Market
Strategic target to 2020. To the sensor, elastic components, optical components, dedicated circuit as the focus of the object, the field of sensors and instrumentation components should strive to achieve the three strategic objectives: to industrial control, automotive, communications, environmental protection as the key areas of service. Development of original technology and products with independent intellectual property rights; 2 to MEMS technology-based, integrated, intelligent and network technology as the basis, Hair Dryer Switches to strengthen the manufacturing process and the development of new sensors and instrumentation components, so that the leading products and Close to the advanced level of similar foreign products; 3 to increase the variety, improve quality and economic efficiency as the main objective to accelerate the industrialization of domestic sensors and instrumentation components of the species share of 70% - 80% of high-end products of more than 60% The
With a microprocessor. Sensor integrated with the combination of microprocessors products. The general intelligent robot's sensory system is composed of a plurality of sensors, and has the ability to acquire, process and exchange information. The information collected requires a computer to process, and the use of a Hair Dryer Switches can be distributed information processing, thereby reducing costs. Compared with the general sensor, the Hair Dryer Switches has the following three advantages: through software technology can achieve high-precision information collection, and low cost; has a certain degree of programming automation; functional diversification.
The manufacture of the blower switch is based on micromachining technology. And then use a different packaging technology to package, the silicon for mechanical, chemical, welding processing. In recent years has developed a LIGA process (deep X-ray lithography electroplating film) for the manufacture of sensors. Hair Dryer Switcheses generally have a very real-time function, especially dynamic measurement often requires a few microseconds to complete the data acquisition, calculation, processing and output. A series of functions of the Hair Dryer Switches are supported by the program. Such as the number of functions, the basic performance, easy to use, reliable, mostly to a certain extent, depends on the software design and quality, these software has five major categories. Including scale conversion, digital zero, non-linear compensation, temperature compensation, digital filtering technology.
Hair Dryer Switches research focused on professional research institutes and universities. At the end of the eighties, the research results were reported. In the early nineties, began in the mid-eighties. Several domestic research institutions using hybrid integrated technology successfully developed a practical blower switch, marking the study of China's Hair Dryer Switches into the international ranks, but compared with foreign advanced technology, there is a big gap. According to HoneyGel Industrial Measurement and Control Division Product Manager TomGriffith Definition: A good blower switch for microprocessor-driven sensors and instrumentation with communication and onboard diagnostics for providing information for monitoring systems and / or operators , To improve work efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. The Hair Dryer Switches integrates all the functions of the sensor and intelligent instrument, has high linearity and low temperature drift, reduces the complexity of the system and simplifies the system structure.
Hair Dryer Switches has been widely used in aerospace, aviation, defense, science and technology and industrial and agricultural production in various fields. E.g. Hair Dryer Switches so that the robot has a humanoid features and brain function, the field of robot has a broad application prospects. Can perceive a variety of phenomena, to complete a variety of actions. However, compared with foreign countries, the country sensor and instrument components of the product variety and quality level, Hair Dryer Switches still can not meet the needs of the domestic market, the overall level is still in the early 90s of last century level. The main problems are: poor technological innovation, core manufacturing technology seriously lagging behind abroad, with independent intellectual property rights of small products, incomplete varieties, product technology and foreign differences of about 15 years. Investment intensity is low, scientific research equipment and production technology and equipment backward, low level of results, poor product quality. Technology and production out of line, affecting the transformation of scientific research, comprehensive strength is low, lack of industry development potential.