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Introduce The Use Of Toggle Switches And Precautions

Aug 18, 2017

Introduce the use of Toggle Switches and precautions
Toggle Switches which can be called key switch or touch switch, Toggle Switches in the application of life in the home appliance equipment and other areas of equipment are essential materials, the type of switch there is a distinction between toggle switch, Toggle Switches As well as micro-switches, etc., then touch how to use it? If not technical staff, I believe we are on the use of Toggle Switches to understand the use of knowledge is not much, before you talked about the selection of Toggle Switches 5 Little tips, that today to introduce you to the use of Toggle Switches and what precautions.
Toggle Switches use
The use of Toggle Switches is a lot of attention to the main points, the first thing to note is to avoid the operation from the side, because we are in normal use when they are used from the front, the use of the front is the most formal and most secure The And then there will be some side of the keys we are not familiar with, as we accidentally press the words will be very dangerous, so we want to avoid the operation from the side. Second, the need to pay attention to is in the operation of the need to press the center of the switch, because the shrapnel is in the center, the role of shrapnel is very important, with the shrapnel after it can better work. In the press when the shaft also need to pay attention to the location of the switch, because it will be a certain offset, but the distance is not very large offset, as the distance is relatively large, then you prove that the use of Wrong, this time you need to re-operate until the deviation from the right position. Finally, after the installation of the switch, if other parts of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of heat, then it is necessary to contact the professional and technical personnel to deal with, because it is an abnormal phenomenon, in normal circumstances is not such a heat Of the problem, so we must pay attention to this when the operation of this point.
Toggle Switches Note
1. Because the Toggle Switches is relatively small, and high sensitivity, in use should pay attention not to force squeeze. Because the Toggle Switches, whether it is precision instruments on the control button or relatively large equipment keys. The sensitivity of the switch is very high, such as when used to squeeze the switch, will make the Toggle Switches to reduce the sensitivity of their own sensing. So Toggle Switches not only pay attention to the daily use, but also to the main daily preservation, when not in use should also pay attention to moisture and prevent the aging of the Toggle Switches Caton.
2. Toggle Switches to avoid the use of equipment in humid environments, but can not make the equipment wet, damp, which will not only damage the switch, but also the risk of electric shock.
3. In the daily use of the need for regular security checks. Because a lot of Toggle Switches in the internal connection of the entire circuit system, a trigger and move the body, so the quality of Toggle Switches often need to carry out maintenance testing to prevent the use of quality problems when the normal work, resulting in related losses The Toggle Switches detection method is very simple, just gently touch, observe it click on the card and the sensitivity of the reaction and whether there is no problem on the line.
4. If the Toggle Switches is found to have abnormal operation of the state, do not arbitrarily disassemble. Many people are found that the reaction of Toggle Switches is not sensitive enough to open their own machines for maintenance, in fact, this is a very dangerous practice, one is no professional maintenance environment and professional technical staff, but there are many high-end electronic products are needed In the dust-free environment for operation, because the dust will have a conductive effect. So the detection and maintenance of Toggle Switches must be carried out in a special environment. Followed by high sensitivity of Toggle Switches, in the detection should also pay attention to prevent secondary damage, the best by the professional technical staff to operate.
5. Maintenance inspection time, to observe the attention of Toggle Switches has not been used for a long time and become fragile deterioration, or decreased sensitivity, or cracking and other quality problems.