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How To Reduce The Power Consumption Of Rocher Switches

Jul 07, 2017

How to reduce the power consumption of Rocher Switches

Because it mainly depends on the nature of the components of the Rocher Switches power supply, including power consumption by the semiconductor Rocher Switches, magnetic components and wiring fixed loss resulting from the parasitic resistance and switching loss in the case of switch operation. For fixed losses. Therefore, the improvement of the component technology is needed to suppress it. In the aspect of magnetic elements, the research on the low loss winding method which has both the skin effect and the adjacent wire effect has been studied for a long time. In order to reduce the switching loss caused by the switch surge caused by the leakage of the transformer, the new circuit technology such as buffer circuit with wave surge energy regeneration function has been developed. The following is the circuit and system method to improve the efficiency of switching power:

The first method is effective in reducing switching loss, ZVS zero voltage switch ZCS zero current switch. Using the edge of the represented by active clamp circuit resonance (EdgeResONanc to reduce switching loss. Through extending switch element conduction time to suppress peak current methods to reduce the loss of fixed. Low voltage large current situation by improving the method of synchronous rectifier circuit to reduce the loss of fixed. The use of parallel structure of the converter to reduce the loss. The fixed one. But the problem is caused due to the peak current and peak voltage of fixed loss will increase. The second method is to help solve the problem and development of active buffer (ActiveSnubber a very practical way of ZVS; but by light load conditions of reactive current caused by the decline in efficiency that is one big flaw.

Tapped inductor (TapInductor method is effective to cope with surge phenomenon caused by the leakage inductance. About the fourth method, and the third way. A two-part structure is one of the ways to realize synchronous rectifier circuit efficient work, close to 0.5 fixed ratio (TimeRatio and by the front of the converter to control the output voltage. A reverse "two-part structure will lead to efficiency decline" this traditional thinking mode, low voltage large current situation is very effective. As for the 5th kind of method, as well as to the whole converter circuit in parallel, can also be used as current multiplier (CurrentDoubler as part of the parallel structure. The following will be to use converter operating in parallel to the efficiency of the implementation in brief in this paper.

The heating system is coming in handy, abstract: the weather turns cold. In this system, the Rocher Switches can be considered as one of the most important links. The swing switch is used as the temperature controller, which can measure, adjust and drive the temperature. This terminal control product can be programmed according to the needs of people, which will make the system realize energy saving, comfort and automation. Europe, most of the Rocher Switches is hanging furnace accessories, therefore, the Rocher Switches is an intelligent product, with real-time data query, communication with the computer, temperature curve of variable length or fixed point temperature control, and other functions.

Chemical, metallurgy, municipal, rubber and plastic are the main application industries of Rocher Switches. The depressed Rocher Switches market is low and the Rocher Switches is not only used in heating system. In particular, chemical industry and metallurgical industry, almost all production links have the need for temperature control. But since 2011, the use of Rocher Switcheses has declined in both chemical and power industries because of the downturn in the photovoltaic industry. And from small to big, the second half of 2011, China's temperature control in the first half of market performance does not keep a good momentum, the overall economic downturn, government investment slowdown, solar market downturn, Rocher Switches but began to decline. The market share of domestic Rocher Switches is very little from the point of view of Rocher Switches supplier