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How To Choose The Parameters Of Appliance Switches And Their Related Knowledge

Sep 11, 2017

How to choose the parameters of Appliance Switches and their related knowledge
 Temperature control of the Appliance Switches device called Appliance Switches. The temperature range of the air conditioning room controlled by the Appliance Switches is generally at 18 ℃ - 28 ℃. Window air conditioner commonly used temperature controller is the principle of pressure to promote the contact with the broken off. Its structure consists of bellows, temperature package (test tube), eccentric wheel, micro switch and other components of a sealed induction system and a signal transmission system.
Electrical switch control methods are generally divided into two;
One by the cooling object to change the temperature difference to control, the use of electronic thermostat.
The other is controlled by the temperature of the object to be cooled, the use of steam pressure type temperature controller
The types of thermostats are as follows:
Electronic is divided into: resistance thermostat and thermocouple thermostat.
Mechanical type is divided into: steam pressure thermostat, liquid expansion thermostat, gas adsorption thermostat, metal expansion thermostat or Appliance Switches
One vapor pressure thermostat is divided into: inflatable, liquid and gas mixed type and filling type. Household air-conditioning machinery are mainly in this type of thermostat.
The principle of Appliance Switchesing power supply
Electrical switch circuit is mainly achieved through the thermistor. When the power supply starts to work, the fan supply voltage is 7V, when the power inside the temperature rise, the thermistor resistance decreases, the voltage gradually increased, the fan speed also increased. This keeps the temperature inside the enclosure at a low level. In the case of very light load, to achieve the mute effect. When the load is large, it can guarantee heat dissipation.
  Electrical switch function features: that is, hot water heater Appliance Switches is a kind of over-temperature conditions to provide a very reliable protection of the components, it has a small size, over-current, not reset, stable performance, easy installation, and has a certain range The humidity setting and carrying capacity are available to suit the customer's application requirements.
Application areas: that is, electric water heater Appliance Switches is a kind of over-temperature conditions to provide a very reliable protection of the components. It is widely used in household hot water heater, kitchen treasure, high power heating products and control box, as a post-thermal protection, in other thermostat failure and other overheating, the thermal Appliance Switches off the circuit to protect the circuit from harmful tamper damage.
      Installation Precautions:
1. Lead bending should be used in accordance with the bottom of the fixed screw holes to be fixed, and to prevent loosening caused by poor contact, not forced to pull, press, twist the lead.
2. The electric water heater switch can only be used in the specified rated voltage, current and specified temperature conditions, in particular, pay attention to the maximum continuous heat storage can withstand the temperature.
3. That is, hot water heater Appliance Switches with screws, riveting or post-fixed way, should be able to prevent mechanical creep and millions of bad contact occurred.
4. Lead welding operation, Appliance Switches the heating humidity should be limited to a minimum, not to mention the hot melt on the external high temperature; not forced to pull, press, twist the fuse and lead; welding is completed, should be cooled immediately for more than 30 seconds.
5. The connecting parts shall be capable of reliably Appliance Switches operating within the working range of the electrical product and shall not be displaced by vibration or shock.