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Hair Dryer Switches Should Be Stored In A Dry, Ventilated, Non-corrosive Environment

Oct 20, 2017

Hair Dryer Switches should be stored in a dry, ventilated, non-corrosive environment
With a fixed hole temperature switch can be selected normally open or normally closed type, the original intention is normally open type temperature switch and normally closed Hair Dryer Switches in the environment is the initial state is turned on and off, normally open Hair Dryer Switches at room temperature The condition is disconnected and the normally closed Hair Dryer Switches are closed at room temperature. Such products are widely used in: drinking fountains, water heaters, sandwiches toaster, dishwashers, dryers, disinfection cabinet, microwave ovens, electric coffee pots, electric cookers, refrigerators, air conditioners, plastic machines, office equipment, car seats Heaters and other electric appliances. With a stable performance, high precision, small size, light weight, high reliability, long life, the small dry and so on the characteristics of the radio.
1, the use of contact with the temperature of the installation, the Hair Dryer Switches metal cover should be close to the installation of the control device surface, in order to ensure the effect of temperature, the surface should be coated with thermal grease or other similar thermal conductivity media The
2, the installation can not cover the top of the collapse, loose or deformation, so as not to affect performance.
3, can not let the liquid infiltration Hair Dryer Switches so that the shell cracks, not free to change the shape of the external terminal.
4, the product is not more than 5A current circuit used, should choose copper core section of 0. 5-1 mm2 wire connection; not more than 10A current circuit used, should choose copper core section 0.75-1.5 mm2 wire connection
5, Hair Dryer Switches products should be stored in a warehouse with a relative humidity of less than 90% and an ambient temperature of 40 ° C, which is ventilated, clean, dry and free of corrosive gases.
When the general manager meets, it is important to cut the waste discharge when producing Hair Dryer Switches to avoid the impact on the outside world!
From 2001 onwards, the electronic launch of the manufacture of outdoor dust Hair Dryer Switches "zero emissions ※ activities", the office and the production workshop of all emissions to re-resources. By the year 2004, "zero emissions" have been achieved in all domestic institutions.
In the 6th Green Medium Term Action Plan, to reduce waste and improve the rate of recycling. In the last year of the program, in 2012, although the rate of re-resourceation reached 99%, the goal of waste was not realized because the amount of waste was increased due to the production of new products.
Hair Dryer Switches Division conducts audits of waste-treated enterprises in order to properly handle waste. In the annual implementation of the audit, in advance through the document to confirm, and then go to the scene to confirm whether the disposal of waste in line with Chinese law, the handling method is appropriate, the administrative department issued a permit is appropriate and so on.
At present, Hair Dryer Switches company in order to prevent the waste of environmental pollution, commissioned by the professional handling company to deal with waste. But as the management of the person in charge, I do not think that it is not directly to the scene to see the professional handling of Hair Dryer Switches company's handling work can not take responsibility. Moreover, it is also necessary to confirm whether secondary contamination occurs locally during the disposal of the waste.
When we carry out inspection, we confirm the handling route, the operation situation of the equipment, the management situation, etc., in addition to confirming the original processing certificate issued by administrative department. It is very gratifying to have made a contribution to environmental protection when it is confirmed that the disposal of waste is good and there is not problem and there is no pollution. In the future, Hair Dryer Switches would like to promote the proper disposal of waste to other waste disposal companies.