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Five Key Steps For Choosing A Waterproof Switches

Jul 07, 2017

Five key steps for choosing a Waterproof Switches

Engineers need a switch with low operating force and high current capacity. But there is actually a trade-off between these two parameters. To provide a wide range of electrical current while maintaining good contact, the appearance size of the switch also affects the operating force. Ideally. The Waterproof Switches will require a stronger spring, which will make the switch operating and its shape larger. The operating force range can range from 2 g in a pressurized aerodynamic application and 8 ounces of solenoid valve applications (requiring greater operating force). One of the biggest switching sizes in the market is 1.94-inch x0.69 inch x1.3 inch

The engineers should also note the differential travel of the switch - the distance between the switching position and the reset position. The threshold is different depending on the application. For example in temperature switch applications. The differential travel should be as low as 0.0001 inches. But in the liquid pump application, the opening/closing point should be as close as possible. The too close of the differential travel may lead to the over-frequent stop-over of the water pump to shorten the service life of the pump.

Precise waterproofing switches usually have three specifications: basic, operating handle, handle and shell. The micro - switch adopts the design of the main and spring. Engineers are looking for water resistant switches that are used in residential heating or industrial boiler control. All need to consider the following five key characteristics: shape size, electrical requirements (voltage/current) reliability (mechanical/electrical life) environmental factors (dangerous environment, temperature switch range), and the agency certification. The following 5 key steps can help you select the micro switch that is appropriate for your application. Or the liquid level switch applied to a large tank.

Step 1: it is important to solve the size of the design of the Waterproof Switches with other characteristics. The size of the switch is directly related to its properties. Currently on the market a Waterproof Switches size 0.50 inches minimum x0.236 inches x0.197 inches LxWxH though the tiny switch suitable for compact for detecting circuit in the circuit breaker status, including the current scope, schedule and operating force. For example. But it usually only breaks 0.1 to 3 amps A current and has A shorter schedule.

Applications that require larger currents usually require larger switches. For example, in the tank application. The switch should drive the pump directly and carry a large current. This requires a rated current at 125VA C or 250VA C voltage at 20A or 25A large micro switch. The microswitch used to detect the liquid level needs to be able to provide large travel and withstand large current. Usually in the liquid level switch application. The shorter the journey and the power to break it. Tip: the smaller the switch size.

Waterproof Switches appliances as electric heating products (such as: water dispenser, electric water heater, warming my hands treasure, electric kettle, electric oven, etc.) the key to the original, it is very important for the quality, the Waterproof Switches on the market at present the price difference, quality also differ a lot. How do you determine the quality of the Waterproof Switches? There are five very important indicators of waterproofing switch, such as the jump type Waterproof Switches KSD301:

1, heat rate, heat speed need to match the product heating element power, the greater the power, the faster the fever, it will need to take into account the Waterproof Switches temperature difference speed rate of match, and choose the right temperature to compensate for the Waterproof Switches heat rate, heat the synchronous, quickness, guarantee the normal use of household appliances.

2, the fever of Waterproof Switches itself, Waterproof Switches inside consists of all kinds of metal materials, different heating of metal material itself is different, if large materials used in heating, will affect the bimetallic strip temperature. Therefore, the Waterproof Switches must use the conductive material to be accurate, long life.

3, when the Waterproof Switches used in some special for voltage and current of hot products, you will need to consider electrical safety problems, choose normal electric strength to demand higher or resistance within small Waterproof Switches.