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Do You Want To Know The Use And Classification Of Waterproof Switches?

Jul 31, 2017

Do you want to know the use and classification of Waterproof Switches?
Waterproof Switches can be wet hand operation of the Waterproof Switches, in some need to use the Waterproof Switches in the wet environment, you can rest assured that the use of the market Waterproof Switches brand and variety of many, but the real sense, with good waterproof sealing button Waterproof Switches is still relatively small. One of the British Arcolectric Waterproof Switches since the market, with its superior waterproof performance, excellent quality, widely known and recognized by customers. Waterproof button contact part still can not be resolved with water separation.
The specific application of the Waterproof Switches, subject to a number of factors, such as the installation method and product installation direction, the role of the pressure on the product, air flow, fluid rebound strength and operating voltage. Even the excellent sealing performance of the technical level has reached the leading level of the Waterproof Switches, can not be completely sealed Waterproof Switches, but also need to organize corrosive gases or substances intrusion.
There are many types of Waterproof Switches structure, the general use of modular structure of a single twist, double button and three buttons and other different combinations, and by the button cap, reset the spring, bridge contacts and shells, etc. called complex Type, there is a pair of normally closed contacts and normally open contacts, and some products through multiple components in series to increase the contact logarithm. There is also a self-sustaining button, press it to automatically maintain the closed position, power to open.
Waterproof Switches is a circuit that can make the circuit open, so that the current interrupt or make it flow to other circuits of electronic components. The most common Waterproof Switches is the operation of the electromechanical equipment, which has one or several electronic contacts. The "closed" of the contact indicates that the electronic contact is conducting, allowing the current to flow; the "open circuit" of the Waterproof Switches indicates that the electronic contact does not conduct to open and does not allow current to flow. There are many types of Waterproof Switches, such as: according to safety can be divided into Waterproof Switches, button Waterproof Switches, according to its shape, then there are ship-type Waterproof Switches, rocker Waterproof Switches, and some is to play a protective role, such as 9700 thermal protector, KSD301 temperature Waterproof Switches. Ksd301 temperature Waterproof Switches Waterproof Switches in the decoration is essential, in the decoration so that we pay more attention to the details of the effect, such as the choice of waterproof wall switch, we not only to consider the color, style, function, should also consider Wall Waterproof Switches and will be placed in the furniture and home improvement style match.
Select the wall Waterproof Switches panel, the panel colors are generally white, gray, black, and sometimes difficult with the overall decoration style. Such as retro style decoration, if the Waterproof Switches panel is white, there is a big color, the overall style of the decoration also have a certain impact. In general, you can choose a Waterproof Switches with a crystal panel, through the sandwich with the same style or similar wallpaper or wall cloth to decorate, but also the role of the shield.
From the comfort of the human body, the socket is generally placed in the distance of 30-35 cm place, it is said that the height of the most comfortable waist, taking into account the high level and decorative style, kitchen and toilet outlet may have the appropriate changes, such as kitchen waist Line height 80-85 cm, may consider appropriate to improve or reduce the Waterproof Switches panel, to strengthen the theme of the decoration style.
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