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Development Prospect Of Appliance Switches At Home And Abroad

Aug 18, 2017

Development Prospect of Appliance Switches at Home and Abroad
First, the Appliance Switches market demand
         Powerful market demand, always is the Appliance Switches | regulator of the development of important power switch technology belongs to the power electronics technology, which uses power converters for power conversion, through the conversion of electricity, to meet a variety of electricity requirements. Because of its energy efficient can bring huge economic benefits, which caused the attention of all sectors of society has been rapidly promoted.
    AC-DC conversion, for example, compared with the traditional use of frequency conversion technology phase control power compared to the use of high-power switching tube high-frequency rectifier power supply, is a leap in technology, it can not only easily get different voltage Level, more importantly, get rid of the body big bulky power frequency transformers and filter inductors and capacitors. As a result of the use of high-frequency power conversion, the power supply device significantly reduces the size and weight, and may be the equipment and the host volume coordination, and the electrical performance can be further improved. Because of this, in 1994 China's Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications made a major decision-making, requiring the field of communications to promote the use of Appliance Switcheses to replace the phase control power. The practice over the years has proved that this decision is entirely correct. The use of Appliance Switcheses for the country to save a lot of copper, steel and covers an area. As the conversion efficiency increases, energy consumption is reduced, reducing the ambient temperature of the ambient environment, improving the staff environment. China's telecommunications and telecommunications sector widely used Appliance Switcheses to greatly promote its wide range of applications in other areas. It is worth noting that the past two years, the emergence of power system DC power supply is for the country to invest 400 billion yuan for the city network, rural power supply project transformation, improve the quality of transmission and distribution power, and it has begun to use Appliance Switches to replace the traditional phase control power supply. Some domestic communications companies such as ZTE have launched a series of products.
    At present, the domestic Appliance Switches independent research and development and more than 300 manufacturers, the scale of the formation of more than 10. Domestic Appliance Switcheses have occupied a considerable market, some large companies such as ZTE independent development of the power supply products have been widely recognized in the power market competition in the advantage, and a small amount of exports began.
Second, the development of Appliance Switcheses outlook
    Energy plays a key role in social modernization. Power electronics technology with its flexible power conversion, high-performance, high power density, high efficiency, in the 21st century will be vigorously developed, and Appliance Switcheses is a large proportion of power electronics technology occupies an important aspect.
1. Semiconductor and circuit devices are important support for the development of Appliance Switcheses
    Power semiconductor devices are still "leading" for the development of power electronics technology, and advances in power electronics technology must rely on new power electronics that continue to be introduced.
    Power FET (MOSFET) due to unipolar multi-sub-conductive, Appliance Switches significantly reducing the switching time, it is easy to achieve 1MHz switching operating frequency and attracted worldwide attention. However, the MOSFET to improve the device blocking voltage must widen the device drift area, the result of the device resistance quickly increased, the device's on-state voltage drop increased, on-state loss increases, it can only be applied to small and medium power products. In order to reduce the on-state resistance, the United States IR companies to increase the number of units per unit area of the original method. A HEXFET field effect transistor developed by IR has a trench density of up to 112 million square meters per square inch, Appliance Switches with up to 3mΩ on-state resistance. Power MOSFET, 500V, TO220 package HEXFET since 1996, its on-state resistance to 50% per year rate of decline. IR also developed a low gate charge (Qg) HEXFET, so that the switching speed faster, taking into account the on-state resistance and gate charge both at the same time, Appliance Switches then R × Qg decline rate of 30% per year. For the development of Schottky diodes, the recent use of Trench structures is expected to occur with smaller voltage drop Schottky diodes, called TMBS-trench MOS barrier Schottky, and possibly in very low supply voltage applications with synchronization Rectifier MOSFETs compete.