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Classification Of Switching Electrical Appliances

May 27, 2017

Appliance Switches Classification of switching electrical appliances Switchgear is a low-voltage electrical appliances as a frequent manual switch on and off circuit, or as a machine tool in the power of the introduction of the switch


  Appliance Switches In the industrial and mining enterprises in the electrical control equipment, are basically used in low-voltage electrical appliances. Therefore, the low-voltage electrical control is the basic components of the control system, the advantages and disadvantages of low-voltage electrical appliances have a direct relationship. As an electrical engineering technician, should be familiar with the structure of low-voltage electrical appliances, working principle and use. Programmable controller in the electrical control system requires a large number of low-voltage control electrical appliances to form a complete control system, so

  Combination Switch

  Familiar with the basic knowledge of low-voltage electrical appliances is the basis for learning the programmable controller.

  Low-voltage electrical appliances are rated voltage levels in the exchange of 1200V, DC 1500V below the electrical appliances. In China's industrial control circuit, the most commonly used three-phase AC voltage rating of 380V, only in a specific industry environment only with other voltage levels, such as coal mine drill 127V, transport machine with 660V, 1140V and so on. Single-phase AC voltage level is the most common for the 220V, machine tools, thermal instrumentation and mine lighting, etc. 127V voltage level, other voltage levels such as 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V and 42V and other general use for safe place lighting, Control voltage. DC voltage is 110V, 220V and 440V, mainly for power; 6V, 12V, 24V and 36V are mainly used for control; in the electronic circuit there are 5V, 9V and 15V and other voltage levels.


  Appliance Switches Commonly used low-voltage electrical classification Low-voltage electrical appliances a wide range of functions, different structure, wide range of uses, different working principle, commonly used low-voltage electrical classification is also a lot.

  (1) distribution of electrical appliances: mainly used for low-voltage power distribution system. Requiring the system to malfunction when the exact action, reliable work, under the conditions of the corresponding dynamic stability and thermal stability, so that electrical appliances will not be damaged. Commonly used distribution of electrical switches, switches, fuses, circuit breakers and so on.

  (2) control of electrical appliances: mainly used in electrical transmission system. Requires long life, small size, light weight and action quickly, accurate and reliable. Commonly used control electrical contactor, relays, starters, the main electrical appliances, such as electromagnets