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Choosing Smartphone Waterproof Switches Tips

Oct 11, 2017

 The popularity of smart phones, to our work and life have brought great convenience. Thin design, intelligent mobile phone products more and more people get the favor. I believe many mobile phone manufacturers friends in improving the performance of mobile phones, this design has made a great effort. We all know that mobile phone key switch is the smart phone used in the highest frequency of electronic components. Its quality is good or bad, directly related to the customer's product experience. So, today Xiaobian to talk about how to choose a good smart phone class Waterproof Switches, so you are exempt from complaints of complaints and product brand damage to the trouble.
one. long life. Industry life is generally required to reach 500,000 -100 million times better.
two. The design is thin and thin. To meet the needs of the development of miniaturization of smart phones.
three. Reed material selection should be careful. The industry to silver and stainless steel is better, do silver treatment, to prevent premature oxidation of the switch, the conductivity can be better.
four. Press the button to light.
We live in an electrical era, every day life are inseparable from a variety of small appliances. The small switch records the number of times we use the appliance. Each time a switch, in fact, is a slight wear and tear, and the daily price of small appliances are often not very expensive, older use, when the Waterproof Switches life to the age, began to malfunction, even remove the switch outside the whole All the machines are normal and have to be discarded. Because it is not as good as repairs to buy one, their switch and can not buy the right, so a small switch is very important, it determines the life of your electrical appliances, we buy electrical appliances, do not forget to check the switch the quality of.
Waterproof Switches consists of cover, handle, reed, base, and four parts. When the handle is externally pressurized, the pressure is transferred to the reed and the reed is slightly deformed. For the four-foot Waterproof Switches, Small deformation makes the four pins connected in pairs, which makes the circuit conduction to complete the specified function; when the button pressure is lost, the shrapnel produced a small deformation reduction, Waterproof Switches the connection between the four pins open, making the circuit disconnect.
Switches are also divided into many kinds, which Waterproof Switches is one of them, this kind of switch in our lives which played a big role. Then we take a look at this switch in the end can give us what kind of convenience it
Like TV, like video phones, like rice cookers, DVD, smart wear, audio equipment, etc. These are all the electrical appliances we can see at home, these appliances have an essential thing, that is Waterproof Switches, if there is no switch, The use of electrical appliances is definitely a difficult problem.
The other is the recording pen, the camera, also equipped with this switch, so that the criminals inadvertently when the switch, record important words and deeds, the solution plays a very big role.
Whether it is ordinary people who live, or live a shining person, they can see around the Waterproof Switches, as long as you see the electrical or use the technology products, can see this switch.
Reed in the entire switch is a contact device, so the flexibility limit need to master, the general user does not understand the elastic limit in what range, but in the touch process can be found, if the success of a slight touch , So do not need too much force, of course, touch requirements or find the best high-end manufacturers. Waterproof Switches is mainly used in the mouse, this product in the course of the need to use the button, so the gasket to deal with a very good, in the leverage of a contact effect manufacturers need to give the best guarantee, micro-action is in the click process Do not have to use too much effort to complete the work, in the touch effect of this product can bring people a good experience.
Waterproof Switches is divided into a variety of types, both in terms of volume or internal construction can be divided into many types, but in the application of the results are roughly the same, in the production principle is similar, the first is the degree of sensitivity can be satisfactory, The most critical of electronic products is the degree of sensitivity, no matter how many areas you divide if the degree of sensitivity can not make customer satisfaction, then this product will eventually be eliminated by the market. In the Waterproof Switches industry, the need to do is to do the best in the handling of the various components, especially the degree of response to the shrapnel.