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Appliance Switches Maintenance

Jun 22, 2017

Appliance Switches maintenance

Appliance Switches is currently used in industrial production and distribution of a very wide range of the most common products such as VS1-12 Appliance Switches, but because of its work rated voltage high, current, flying fox ability, resulting in a lot of problems and hidden dangers, a single Improper handling, it may lead to a lot of accidents. So this requires us in the Appliance Switches selection, installation, operation, maintenance and repair process to strengthen management, the operation of the Appliance Switches status monitoring and diagnosis of common faults can be timely and accurate treatment.

1, commissioning and transfer test rigorous good equipment debugging and handover test off to prevent the equipment in the transport changes and institutional adjustment after the emergence of non-matching phenomenon, especially the operating mechanism and Appliance Switcheses connected to the problem. The main parameters are: closing bounce, opening the same period, distance, compression stroke, closing speed and time, DC resistance, sub-closing action voltage, fracture insulation level, transmission acceptance test, these parameters are Should meet the requirements. In our usual routine maintenance work, mainly found the following problems: the circuit breaker cabinet static contact with the retractable baffle and handcart circuit breaker frame jam caused into the car difficult, the circuit breaker bounce and trip failed, The circuit breaker insulator porcelain bottle is too close to the distance from the rod is broken, closing contactor action characteristics are not good, often after a move can not move or action voltage gradually increased, the vacuum bubble does not meet the requirements of the vacuum, we These issues have been dealt with. On the Appliance Switches debugging and handover test work must be strictly done. We should promptly find the insulation breakdown, the body abnormalities, vacuum interrupter leak and bounce, speed, abnormal trip and other unqualified situation, and handled before they can put into operation to ensure safe operation.

2, operation and maintenance, regular inspection

2,1, operation and maintenance operation operation to observe whether the abnormal phenomenon, such as in the circuit breaker is broken, whether there is abnormal discharge sound, power transmission, observe the vacuum interrupter with or without cracks, damage. Found abnormal report immediately, to be confirmed after the repair, and then operate.

2.2, regular inspection of the Appliance Switches body defects are common: vacuum interrupter leakage, the body insulation breakdown, over voltage protection failure, vacuum interrupter DC resistance failure, the new input circuit breaker refused to reject the phenomenon The Regular pressure test, vacuum measurement, DC resistance and sub-closing action voltage value is an important means of finding the above defects.

3, Appliance Switches status monitoring and diagnosis

Vacuum interrupter is a key component of the Appliance Switches, it is supported by glass or ceramic and sealed, with static and dynamic contact and shield, vacuum can not be less than 6.6 x 10-2P a. The new vacuum interrupter manufactured by the factory is required to reach below 7.5 x 10-4 Pa. When the vacuum is reduced, the breaking performance is significantly reduced. So the vacuum interrupter can not be hit by any external force or suffered a collision.

3.1, the vacuum interrupter inspection The biggest feature of the Appliance Switches is sealed in the vacuum tube insulation shell, it is under strict quality management using modern equipment made, to ensure long life. In the following circumstances need to be checked, if necessary